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Beginner Woodworking Tips:

The first item you must consider when just beginning in custom woodworking is what types of undertakings you intend on doing. Are you planning on massive undertakings such as furniture or outdoor gazebos, etc? Or are you honing in on small projects such as birdhouses, decorative figures, small benches, etc. For example, if you’re focusing on small projects you obviously don’t need to go out and buy a large 28″ table saw. And along the same token, if you are building furniture, you won’t find that you are using a tiny hand saw all that often!

Choose Your Woodworking Workspace

Now that you know what type of projects you plan on doing, it should be easier to determine where you want to set up your workspace. It is suggested to select an area with as much room as possible. Good examples of workspace ideas include your garage, a sectioned off area of your basement, (or your entire basement depending on the size and the understanding of your family members!) or in some cases, a section of your backyard. Keep in mind, however that if you choose an area that is outside you must rely on the weather to do any work. Regardless of where you choose, you can never have enough space to move about, especially if you’re just beginning. Ensure that there is plenty of ventilation, since the fumes from paint and varnishing combined with the sawdust can be very detrimental to your breathing if the area is not ventillated properly.

Woodworking Safety

Safety is extremely important to consider for the beginning woodworker. While it seems obvious, it is vitally important that you wear safety glasses at ALL TIMES! You never know what is going to happen, and you wouldn’t want to lose an eye from your new fun hobby!

Clean up spills immediately and keep your tools organized. This will prevent any falls or slips from misplaced items. Also, always unplug all your tools whenever you finish a woodworking session to prevent malfunctioning or short circuiting tools.

It is highly recommended to participate in a beginner woodworking class. There are many at various local shops and locations around most areas, and the skills and information you will attain from these are invaluable. There are also plenty of custom Woodworking books out there for those just starting out that can not only give you tips, but ideas for starter projects to help you feel more comfortable and develop the skills you need to master your craft.

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