DIY Smart Saw Review – Legit or Scam?

DIY Smart Saw Review

If you are obsessed on decorating your house, woodworking or another similar DIY tasks then you definitely are aware about the reality that how tough this mission is.

Yes, it is fun to do in case you love doing it however it indeed is a lot more difficult than it looks.

This assignment gets even more tough while you lack the important gear and must do it all by means of your self.

As soon as you start running on one of these undertaking you realize the want of a few magical device and that’s where the DIY clever noticed comes into play!

What Is The DIY Smart Saw

DIY Smart Saw Review

Contrary to the call and belief made from the classified ads of this product the “DIY Smart Saw” isn’t truely a tool itself.

It’s an ebook or greater like an extensive guide that teaches you how to construct your very own CNC device which, Alex Grayson, the writer of this manual, likes to name because the smart noticed.

With the help of this smart saw, you are able to customize almost any woodworking layout as well as formulate new designs in reality with the frenzy of a button.

That’s what this product claims to deliver and you’ll get to realize if it can absolutely or probably deliver this by the time you end analyzing this evaluation.

Pressed for time? Watch this short video showing you what this is all about…

What’s A CNC Machine Or The So-Called Smart Saw

That’s a fair question to ask and I guess maximum of you’ll have it in thoughts in case you aren’t already privy to this term. A CNC machine stands for a computer numerical manage gadget. This way that simply by using coming into some numbers (in most cases dimensions) in this machine it’ll begin making cuttings and curves into wood (or every other similar fabric) based on the specs for that reason furnished.

Since the whole manner is automatic and automatic there’s actually no hazard of mistakes which enables it to supply 100% easy and correct outcomes in the end.

Now, the DIY smart saw isn’t the primary CNC system to be visible within the marketplace. What’s exciting is the rate at which it claims to honestly formulate this gadget.

Normally, a very good CNC machine expenses round 10,000$ however with the help of this particular manual, you can make your own in as less as 500$. CNC machines are broadly used by many specialists and massive companies who are especially into woodworking. That is because it delivers almost a 100% accuracy levels and might offer up to twenty times quicker manufacturing fee than manual efforts.

Not cheap, proper? So shopping for one of these is out of the query. At least for me…
You will probably be questioning how does a gadget that charges hundreds of dollars can be made at this sort of low cost and too by way of our very own selves? Well, that’s what magical about this manual.

Alex shares his own examined methods and ways to construct your very own CNC machine the usage of a few effortlessly available fashionable equipment such as a hammer, tubular wrench, screwdriver etc.

However, in case you are into sophistication then this guide won’t rise up on your expectancies. In this sort of case it’s probably the first-rate to stick to a manufacturing unit made CNC gadget.


What is Included In The DIY Smart Saw Plan

This application gives you all the statistics and suggestions you require to grasp the artwork of woodworking and create any projection with terrific finesse comparable with that of an ace craftsman.

It comes replete with template designs, pictorial representations and special tips to assist you with the assembly process with exceptional accuracy.

You will never must fear once more approximately making an wrong dimension or deciding on the wrong wood for your craft!

  • Alex Grayson has protected an in depth video tutorial in the software which you need to watch carefully in an effort to get all began along with your dream woodworking thoughts.
  • All you need to do is watch the video and comply with the advice carefully to build your personal gadget, despite the fact that you have never touched a piece of wood, or used a screwdriver before.
  • Every segment of the manual is replete with hints, hints, notes and distinct tips.
  • Alex Grayson has also included a little secret regarding the precise forms of equipment to avail and the ways to usethem that allows you to begin constructing the device as soon as viable. You will even discover ways to collect the elements in the right way. All in all, you will truly have a fun time constructing the system.

What People Have Accomplished by way of Following This Guide

Not bad, right?

Here’s a short video showing you how you can do the same…

What Can You Learn From The DIY Smart Saw

  • You will never have to dissipate a outstanding deal of money or time in harnessing the secrets to professional woodworking. Instead of attempting helplessly to make accurate measurements or make the correct cuts, you can make the perfect cutout without delay from the primary try itself. Needless to mention, once you attain the achievement of understanding your dream woodworking challenge, you’ll experience exhilarated, to say the least.
  • This software will provide you with all the records you want to work up creative portions of architecture, right from wooden spoons to cribs, an antique, tired chair to an stylish setee. In fact, you may even create particular gifts in your pals and family from simple timber.
  • With the help of this complete manual, there’s truly no room for blunders, as it is a 100% correct and springs with precise guidelines that helps you with meeting system. It nearly seems like as if an ace craftsman is helping you for the duration of the entire project so that you don’t make any mistake.
  • You can discover ways to construct complex systems with alarming ease. It would not remember when you have had revel in inside the beyond or no longer. Since this system has had exquisite accuracy, it takes years of education for an character to hone these competencies. However, this software helps you to take note of the smallest information flawlessly.
  • Smart Saw device works multiple instances faster than the average human mind as it’s far programmed remarkably well and is aware of precisely where you’re headed to. This truly manner that you may subsequently spend some time in developing personalized and precise projects, and ultimately convert your interest into your passion.

The Pros And Cons Of The DIY Smart Saw

Just like every other product this one also has a few advantages in addition to disadvantages. After all, it isn’t that magical as nothing absolutely is.


  1. Detailed commands are supplied inside the manual which might be smooth to follow as well as sensible. The real direction is loaded with diverse tips and hints along the way which takes it to an entire new degree. Furthermore, the strategies in the guide also display some strategies to repair up the errors (if made) immediately in preference to bringing down the complete venture and starting up from scratch.
  2. Almost each and each design can be carved out the use of the smart saw.
  3. The CNC device this is created using the manual is compatible with all kind of computers in addition to laptops. It doesn’t depend what sort of working machine you’re the use of.
  4. Using the smart noticed isn’t so difficult and it provides a splendid ability for scaling handcrafted designs with minimal risks of errors via automation that is a massive plus for decorators and woodworkers. Setting up your very own commercial commercial enterprise the use of this saw can also be viable if vital efforts are put in.
  5.    and  


  1. Instead of being an real device the DIY smart saw is only a guide which suggests you a way to make the tool.
  2. Repetitive view of motion pictures and commands to make the device in addition to to reduce the chance of mistakes.
  3. Commitment and dedication to make the tools, in addition to the designs, is necessary. Without continuous efforts and actions out of your side, this device will no longer work. So, it’s now not absolutely automated.


The DIY Smart Saw is honestly now not for each person.

However, this program is recommended for every innovative character who aspires to construct innovative initiatives via running from wooden within the easiest manner possible.

If you want to begin your personal woodworking commercial enterprise then additionally you could acquire the blessings through availing this software. The latter comes replete with all types of facts and recommendations to help you in each manner and assist you create the craft of your goals.

With the help of this manual, you could construct a CNC system from scratch, and that too with little downtime charges. Additionally, with the help of templates and video educational, you get hands-on facts on manifesting your dream mission to truth.

Furthermore, the program comes at a noticeably low-cost charge factor ($39), and the truth that it’s subsidized with the aid of a robust money-again guarantee just takes its authenticity to an entire new stage altogether.

Get Access To The DIY Smart Saw Here

Watch this video to discover how DIY Smart Saw works

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